Saturday, April 26, 2008

Graphic identity portfolio

Some samples of my work on graphic identity: logos and applications, and a little of the concept behind them.

Cet is a consultant firm specialized in information technologies. Their logo simbolizes an aircraft's dashboard dial. Their role is to let their client know how good are they prepared to solve technological issues inside their business and to provide solutions for improvement.

Dataflux is one of the largest distributor of hardware in Mexico, related to Grupo Salinas and Elektra, amongst other important institutions.
Direct Link is an ISP and webmail provider. They felt a hummingbird simbolizes the agility and speed of their service quality.
Mendmaster is a tailor shop specialized in fast service for premium market. They are based in high-income areas where clients have little time for clothing adjustment and repairs, and high price suits and garments too expensive to be discarded for a minor fail.
The Terra cardboard topper piece was used to promote ISP service and web portal. They put it over computers in showrooms for shoppers to include ISP service with their purchase.

Tornado was a dutch-made high speed rollercoaster. I developed the graphic language and applications. It was a huge investment for the client, so they supported the launch of this feature with resources to make it a success.

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