Saturday, May 23, 2009

A new ambigram: AllanGMM

A new request was made in a previous post by a visitor. Searching for a solution for this challenge, I come up with this.

If someone has a challenge he or she wants solved by my skills, let's give it a try, and post a comment requesting it. I don't garantee results, but sometimes it can be done.


alangmm said...

te quedo muy bien mi pana muchas gracias... felicitaciones tienes mucho talento

nagfa said...

Beautiful solution there. There's even a hint of 80s metal. Nice.

We design ambigrams too, occasionally.

salam (paz)

CHIMEKIN said...

hola, me atrevo a comentar por lo que escribes en tu post....

Yo intente con los generadores automaticos que hay en internet con mi nick (chimekin) y ninguno pudo generarme nada... si tienes tiempo y quisieras ayudarme te lo agradeceria mucho